Pathfinder is a solution that enhances mobility and securement of elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer or other memory impairment conditions.


One of the biggest concerns with Alzheimer is wandering, with 60% of Alzheimer's patients becoming lost at least once. Here is where we can make a difference. We designed an electronic device that is easy to wear and provides families and caregivers with real time location information.


Today one out of nine people above 65 is affected by Alzheimer's disease. The World's Health Organisation estimated that 55.4 million people are currently suffering from Alzheimer worldwide. And this figure is likely to grow with current demographic ageing.


By innocently embedding our tracker in everyday life objects such as shoe soles, canes, bracelets, customers can monitor their loved ones through their mobile phones, tablets or computer devices.

Who are we ?

We are made of some of the best and brightest minds around. We are engineers, professors, financers, hackers, military and civilians. In the end, we are normal people who care about you. We believe we have the technology to counter the wandering effects while preserving the autonomy of vulnerable people, their security and their self-esteem.

Pathfinder: securing people suffering from dementia


European Commission

We have received the seal of excellence by the european commission for SME instrument

Orange Hackathon “Digital Solutions for Mobility”

This project is the winner of the 2016 Orange Hackathon “Digital Solutions for Mobility”

Symposium Connected Health

"Top 10 Connected Health Innovators" – Symposium Connected Health