Securetrip is a smartphone application dedicated to travellers in “risky countries”.

The application offers a variety of services including: – Emergency Alert – Check-ins, and sending alerts to a designated monitoring center using an emergency button.


The advantages of using SecureTrip are the following:

• Indoor positioning: GPS doesn’t work well indoor. SecureTrip augments GPS by providing an approximate fix even when GPS satellites are blocked such as within warehouses, airports, underground or shielded containers.
• Providing the best available location, it is a simple yet powerful geolocation tool.
100% positioning: for mission critical applications such as tracking of stolen vehicles, valuable goods or people, SecureTrip in conjunction with GPS will always deliver a fix, even in the presence of GPS jammers.
• Easy initialization: for particular applications cellular observations in the key locations or area of interest can readily be gathered – or may indeed already be available.
• Location improves over time: as a “self-learning” system, the Periplus database continuously improves over time, increasing the density of cellular observations with GPS fixes during normal operation.
. SecureTrip is working worldwide on any cellular network (2G, 3G, 4G)

Please download the leaflet here : 4811 SecureTrip or the video tutorial