C-Cada Logger


The C-Cada  Logger is a miniature digital transmitter which fulfills requirements of traceability, geolocation, and secure data transmissions by authentication and encryption.

The upward compatibility of Hear  &  Know products enables the C-Cada  Logger to incorporate its predecessor’s functions, the C-Cada Pinger U. Therefore, by transmitting its ID, it can be used as a tag. That allows the user to find the asset, the vehicle, the person or the package on which it is attached with.

Additions of several sensors (temperature, pressure, GPS, audio…) and effectors (alarm trigger…), as well as a modification of the UHF waves transmission frequency are also available.

Operational both outdoor and indoor such as buildings, tunnels, warehouses, and underground parking lots, the C-Cada Logger has an extra functionality compared to the C-Cada  Pinger  U: a geolocation service. Accessible from a smartphone, a PC laptop or a touchpad, the Hear  &  Know mapping software gives the user the opportunity to view the monitored asset’s past or recent positions.


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