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February 2017 Newsletter



During CES 2017 Intel introduced a credit card sized PC

Intel Compute Card

Unveiled by Intel during the CES 2017, the Compute Card  has a business card format  (94,5 x 55 x 5 mm). Available mid-2017, it will have microcomputer components : SoC type processor, memory,wireless, I/O

The enterprise wearable market is experiencing a shift from wrist-worn devices to body- and head-worn wearables


. ABI Research forecasts enterprise wearable shipments will grow from 30 million shipments in 2016 to nearly 147 million in 2021 with wrist-worn wearable shipments projected to triple by 2021 to reach 30 million. Body-worn devices will surge from 20 million to more than 116 million over the same period.


IoT : GSMA alliance issued a report about 3 network technologies LPWAN standardised by 3GPP

In this report , the GSMA alliance, analyses the 3 LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies standardised by the 3GPP in 2016
– l’EC-GSM-IoT (Extended Coverage GSM for Internet of Things),
– le LTE-M, now called LTE MTC Cat-M1
– NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT). download the report,

M2M Modules : u-blox buys the chinese SIMCom

The Swiss u-blox, fabless semiconductor company founded in 1997 specialized in  embedded GPS solutions and wireless for the markets of the IoT (automotive, consumer, industrial, etc.), announced the biggest acquisition in its history with the acquisition of the Chinese SIMCom Wireless for $ 52.5 million. If my memory is good, SIMCOM is known for its integrated GPS/cellular cheap modules which competed with U-blox.

In January  : we took part to

1) Hackathon LoRa

With our partners SAP et SopraSteria we evaluated the LoRa technology  radiocommunication with a special focus on the location. Precision according to the operators should be 100 m is in fact 7 km!
We, at Hear & Know we worry when we achieve more than 20 m with our own solution…

download the report

2) Radio tests on-board UAV (Aix en Provence)

In France, since 2016 there is a law for UAV, the pilots need a license and the UAV should be identified. We were invited by the French civil aviation (DGAC) and the air cluster Safe to test our long range communication and identification solutions.
The 60 km/h wind did not help, but we managed to obtain results (LPWAN, ISM band, 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz)
If you are interested by the  report

3) We try to reinforce the team on the Fields

In February we will launch trials for our Alzheimer locating solution in real situations : hospital/nursing houses.

Thank you for the voters in the January survey

Here is the synthesis of our survey

Jean-Philippe Lelièvre
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

“I Never Lose. Either I Win or I Learn.” – Nelson Mandela

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