December 2016 Newsletter

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December 2016 Newsletter

Posted in : Non classé on by : Jean-Philippe LELIEVRE


1) Galileo
Successful launch of 4 satellites Galileo by Ariane, there are now 18 satellites orbiting . more

2) Lancel
Lancel tracks its luxury lugage with RFID. more

3) Wifi security
25 % of WiFi access points are not encrypted or use only the weak WEP.  According to Kaspersky  75,39 % of the networks are securised (68,02 % with WPA2 et 7,37 % with WPA, 21,96 % use no encryption or   WEP . more.

In November, Hear & Know settled in Berlin.
We were in the  Fablab Berlin (laser cutter,  3D printers, CNC…)

We took part to Start alliance Berlin with startups from New-York, Shanghai, Tel-Aviv .

Only exception : back in Paris on the 28th of November
conference about electronic warfare and location for the association Guerrelec, the  Lafayette chapter of Association of the Old Crows .

In December we are back in France.
We’ll pursue discussions with French and US investors and we will attend the following events.

1) DGA day : French Defense procurement agency
2) Cybersecurity symposium in Paris  8th and 9th of December
3)  Connect+ Event : IoT and connected objects (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Sigfox, LoRa…)
4) Paris region business meeting

And to finish the year, we’ll intercept Santa Claus, equip him with trackers to track his journey and check that he, the reindeers and the gifts arrive at the right places in due time.
Results of the November survey

Thank you for the voters in the November survey. The results are the following :
– 75% in favour of a newsletter and  25% for the social networks (we will continue this newsletter and enhance our presence in Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook…).
– 75% voted for a monthly newsletter.

December survey

We’re researching how members like you use location and tracking tools, and we’d love to hear your feedback in a quick survey.
To get started on the survey (it takes just 30 seconds) click below.
Thank you for your time and feedback.

Jean-Philippe Lelièvre
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
The inspiring sentence of the month is coming from the huge bibliography of the man of the month : Donald Trump  :
“You have to think anyway,so why not think big?”

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