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June 2017 Newsletter

1) Capital increase for Kerlink  

Kerlink, specialist of the networks and solutions dedicated to the Internet of things and especially LoRa, announces the success of its capital increase of 20.7 M€. This operation comes a year after its 10.2 M€ IPO.

2) Connected car : Renault will buy two departments of Intel in France

Renault has announced a proposed acquisition of the R & D of Intel in Toulouse and Sophia-Antipolis. If the operation goes ahead, it would be the first time in history that a French automaker would buy the U.S. Department R & D of a semiconductor manufacturer.

3) European defense fund

The European Commission is launching a European defense fund, to reduce the redundancy of expenditures of the Member States. This Fund will coordinate, will complement and strengthen national research investment in the field of defense, the development of prototypes and the acquisition of equipment and defense technology. Until 2020, the Commission will allocate a budget of EUR 590 million to this Fund. From 2020, it proposes to allocate at least EUR 1.5 billion a year, the Fund could generate a total volume of investment in defense research and in the development of capacity of 5.5 billion euros per year after 2020.
In May we took part to
1) Chemins de l’innovation

the third edition of the Chemins de l ’innovation (innovation path), an interesting  communication and innovation event for professionals.

2) Location of Alzheimer’s disease patient

Some of the students of the ESILV engineering school presented the results of their 7-month project on the location of Alzheimer patients. The video presentation is visible at

In June we’ll take part to

1) Viva technology show in Paris

This year again, we’ll take part to the Viva Technology event on June 15th and 16th.  VivaTech is a hub for the world’s innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future – it exists to create relationships that will change business and society for tomorrow.
We’ll pitch our projects in front of :

  • Paris Region Entreprise partners : TCL, EDF, NVDIA, La Poste, PSA, SAP.IO, SFR, Airbus, Saint-Gobain, Accor
  • Sparklife contest partners : Accor, SNCF, Sodexo, Steelcase

2)  Sierra Wireless innovation summit

During this summit it will be possible to discover, discuss and test today’s and tomorrow’s IoT technologies with innovators in the business and developer communities.

Hear & Know recruits

For this summer we hire trainees (marketing & sales/programmer/ secretary). If you know someone interested, please contact us.
Jean-Philippe Lelièvre
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

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