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May 2017 Newsletter

1) Competition about indoor location

US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) launches PerfLoc
a competition to generate the best indoor location apps from the developer community. Developers have until August 17, 2017, to create computer algorithms that can make sense of the data gathered by NIST and to submit their estimates of the smartphones’ locations along the courses.

2) Internet of Things : cellular and M2M  

Vippress reports that according to Berg Insight, the number of objects that are connected to an IoT network low consumption and long range (LPWA) whether cellular (LTE – M, NB – IoT…) or not (LoRa, Sigfox,…) is expected to grow an average of 26.1% per year between 2016 and 2022, from 169.1 million units last year, to 679,5 million units in 2022, including 530 million for the cellular and between 50 and 100 million for LoRa and Sigfox modules. 13.5 million of no cell LPWA modules have already been deployed in the world in 2016. The LoRa modules accounted for 4 million units and Sigfox for 1.5 million.

3) A contrasting study for the IoT market

At odds with studies that estimate market the IoT to more than 3 000 billion dollars, Strategy Analytics, thinks IoT market is largely overestimated. In support of a survey among leaders of the information technology on nine vertical markets in the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, the research firm says that the Internet of things will only represent 7.1% of the overall spending in information technology by 2025. They estimate the amount at $ 341 billion. Deployments of the IoT is now limited in test or development stage and more than 70% of IoT deployments underway in the United States involve fewer than 500 connected objects. Two-thirds of the IoT projects fit into a budget of less than $ 100,000 investment. IoT deployment brakes remain the considerations of security, integration to existing systems, the proliferation of standards, privacy issues, and the challenges posed by the extraction of the value of the huge volumes of data produced.

4) French geolocation players merge

Actility, specialist in LPWA, announced the acquisition of the Grenoble Abeeway, low consumption expert in geolocation. By combining the software of geolocation of Abeeway and ThingPark of Actility platform products, this acquisition must give Actility a best location IoT services portfolio.
In April: we took part to

1)  US Market presentation at BPI (Paris) on the 12th of April

Various French and US attendees explained the incorporation process in the US under Trump presidency. Global opinion seem to be  “business as usual”.
2) Cybersecurity conference at UNESCO

“Speak up for your right to peace and security in the digital world”  .,


3) Norbert retirement

After a long and valued career to the DGA, our founding partner, the Engineer General Norbert Fargere retired. Norbert will now be able to get more involved in Hear & Know and from May 2017 on, all the founders and partners of Hear & Know are civilian.

4) Alzheimer security

We made the site survey in the nurse house where will be tested .
– a smartphone application for the Alzheimer’s affected people who can walk outside
– miniature emitters/receivers that cn locate them indoor and outdoor

In May, we’ll take part to

1) Fund raising

It’s an on-going process, we’ll keep you informed,

2) New tracking product in the portfolio

Following customers request, we have a new C-Cada logger including GPS. On this picture you can compare the original C-Cada logger (on the right) with the GPS included (below). The battery is on the left provides 10 years autonomy for a location (indoor and outdoor) every 15 mn.

3) Hear & Know recruits

For this summer we hire trainees (marketing & sales/programmer/ secretary). If you know someone interested please contact us.

Jean-Philippe Lelièvre
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

“ I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact”  Elon Musk

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