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April 2017 Newsletter


1) SidO (5th and 6th April in Lyon)

European IoT showroom : networking, demos, conferences.

2) Cybersecurity conference (UNESCO 6th and 7th april)

If you want to attend :  inscription.
If you cannot :,


3) Report about indoor location

Information found by our partner  Mapwize : the consulting firm Deloitte published its forecast about indoor location.


4) Google conference about hybrid location
5) A new Raspberry
 Pi zero W was released in March.  A processor running Linux, with Wifi and Bluetooth for … less than 10 $

In March: we took part to

1) Crowdfunding

During the Silvernight on the 20th March we raised 100 000 € de and we won the jury prize.
You can still sustain our campaign at


2) UAV trials
During two days we demonstrate miniature transponders payloads on various UAV and presented location techniques.

3) Hacking de l’hôtel de ville (Paris)

In Paris city Hall, 1040 startups, experts French and foreign investors met.

4) Shows

– IoT World et M2M in Paris 22 and 23 March

In April we’ll take part to
1) Fund raising

it’s an on-going process. We’ll keep you informed.

2) Trials for Alzheimer’s location
we will continue trials for our Alzheimer locating solution in real situations : hospital/nursing houses.

3) Conference on cybersecurity at UNESCO

One question ? A geolocation project ? Feel free to contact us

Jean-Philippe Lelièvre
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Because of the 60 years of Rome treaty, this month’s sentence is
“Some day, on the model of the United States of America, will be constituted the United States of Europe.”

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