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March 2017 Newsletter


1) Crowd funding

If you want to help us locate Alzheimer’s patients, support our crowdfunding campaign. During this first phase you only need to click here
Thanks in advance.

2) IoT data protection

The  CNRFID, launches  IdO (IoT) Privacy,
Date : 8 march 2017,
Place French ministère de l’Economie de l’Industrie et de l’Emploi –
contact : Claude Tetelin


3) Data about connected objects

 8,4 billions connected objets in 2017
According to Gartner, connected objects will grow 31% in 2017 up to  8,4 billion . Including service, this market could reach 2000 billions dollars in 2017.

French M2M market increased from 1,2 million SIM cards in one year
M2M (machine-to-machine) Sim card were 11,7 millions on the 31 december 2016, according to Arcep.

142,3 millions cellular modules for IoT sold in 2016
According to  Strategy Analytics, cellular radio modules for IoT will reach 192,1 millions in 2019, (142,3 millions in 2016).

Starting the 21st of march preparation to earthquake/Tsunami will start in the West Indies. How to communicate after a catastrophe (IoT, Internet, P2P…) ?


In February : we took part to

1) Nec Mergitur

Following the 2016  hackathon, Mairie de Paris and Ministry of Interior are launching a platform dedicated to security.
2) Nov@log
We met the logistic and supply-chain cluster.

3) SAP Partners

We took part to the SAP partners day. Good opportunity to enhance our knowledge of the SAP cloud platform

In March

– we will continue trials for our Alzheimer locating solution in real situations : hospital/nursing houses.

We’ll take part to
– UAV identification and location trials 2 and 3 march
– the following shows
– IoT World et M2M in  Paris Porte de Versailles (22, 23 march)
– Hacking de l’hôtel de ville in Paris (17th of march)

The monthly survey is about people’s location. As usual it is short :

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